Bulk Liquid Hauling


Trucking since 1954,  A.D. Call & Sons Excavating and Trucking Inc. has expanded in the past 50+ years, with a fleet of vacuum trucks and trailers to serve our customer’s bulk liquid hauling needs.  We have provided vacuum truck services since the early 1970’s including:


*  Fresh water hauling (commercial only)

*  Brine water hauling

*  Drilling mud hauling

*  Non-hazardous liquid hauling


Being fully insured and bonded, A.D. Call & Sons is committed to the safety, security, and health needs of all our customers, drivers and the public.  We aim to protect the environment and strive for continual improvement.

Neal on trlr at TBWe are licensed by the Department of Environmental Services to transport waste.  Investments in large capacity tankers have provided us the ability to haul large amounts of water and waste.  Our transportation equipment adheres to DOT guidelines and is permitted for transportation in both NY and PA.

 At A.D. Call & Sons, we strive to encompass good working relationships and are willing to work with your company to secure the best possible service to achieve your goals and accomplish a strong and successful future.  We look forward to discussing any potential opportunities and hope to establish a professional business relationship for many years to come.



Sludge Hauling

Sludge refers to the residual, semi-solid material left from industrial wastewater, or sewage treatment processes.  Sludge built up on the bottom of the tank may become septic, meaning that it has begun to decay anaerobically.  Septic sludge may result in taste and odor problems or may float to the top of the water and become scum.  If sludge is not removed often enough, the usable volume of the tank will decrease, reducing the efficiency of sedimentation.

Catch Basin Cleaning

To prevent solids from clogging a storm sewer, catch basins are used to trap sediment.  Catch basins should be cleaned periodically to maintain their ability to prevent flooding.

Leachate Removal

Leachate is when liquids come in contact with waste.  Chemical reactions in the leachate may cause clogging.  The chemical composition of leachate could weaken pipe walls which may fail.  A.D. Call and Sons will transport the leachate and dispose of it properly.




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